Terms and Conditions

Hypnotherapy is used to correct and change your mindset there are no guarantees on your progress it all depends on you as a client. The Hypnotherapist is there to help you achieve your goals and wants positive results each and every time. Booking sessions online is available as well as remote sessions and in person private. When booking please be aware that 24hrs. notice is needed to cancel otherwise there is a cancellation fee…unless emergency arises. 

Each session comes with set of instructions and preparedness for you to get the maximum results. No sessions are transferable and all sessions when purchased in a package must be used is the time manner as specified.

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The Arizona Hypnotist

Pattie Freeman BCHT, CI

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All conditions that may be helped using Hypnotic Techniques also require the use of willpower. Hypnotherapy is not magic and can only help you to make changes if you have a strong desire to change and put in a maximum effort.