Someone told me of a story about  Jack Nicklaus’ reaction to a missed putt. A fan, said to Jack right after he missed a short putt, “Sorry you missed that one, Jack.” Jack’s response was: “I didn’t miss the putt. It just didn’t go in.”

Jack had a positive way of looking at his game. He hit the line and speed he wanted, so in his mind everything was fine. His mental approach by letting go allowed him to move on without dwelling on it like many of us do after missing a short putt. He prevented the miss shot from affecting his confidence on future putts. He just let go and moved on. Getting frustrated can only contribute to your lack of performance and it just brings more negativity to your game this also effects your focus and Confidence level..

What is Mental Golf Mental Toughness?

Your mental skills improve with each swing, you gain the mental toughness. When it comes to golf its all or nothing its actually 90% the rest is keeping focus and in the moment getting out of your head. This is where you make the decision of what you will need if you are to break out of your comfort zone and play better golf at a higher performance Levels.

When using the sports mental toughness for golf you’ll find yourself being aware and thinking a little bit different which activates the mental side. You’ll get out of your way and be in the moment. You’ll see improvements and self confidence and no doubt just the “I DO”  attitude. No more fear based but become fearless and without a self -sabotage mental pattern, gain resiliency, and competitiveness.

Remember the words and thoughts you use can effect your game. Staying positive and having fun is what makes most golfers successful.

Golf Mental Training is re-programming the mind to become positive of a situation and to let go.

Emotional resilience
Problem solving
Being present
You will notice that these are all things that you learn from your first lesson sports. The great things about golf is  if we let it, we learn about ourselves and what we need to work on, not only to become a better golfer, but a better person too. It gives us patience, consistency, focus, commitment and acceptance. Golf is a game about lie and dealing with the impossibles and making it “I am Possible”  Be the competitor you are inside,

Golf Mental Toughness

Pattie has worked with PGA golfers. golfing professional in the field of all levels in the USA. Canada and Europe, Success is what she strives for with her clients and gives them their mental edge back and have them gain the confidence they need to move on. If your wanting to make a private appointment with Pattie remote and in office is available.
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