Clinical Hypnotherapy is more then just a title to a Hypnotherapist, excessive education and training with the mind and a degree in the medical field. They do provide different services that is not a normal for hypnotist or other professionals as a added modality to their practice.

Pattie Freeman is Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and with her expertise in the field can help you find the right method to help you find what fits you in the customized sessions. Not everyone is the same because we all experience different situations and issues in our lives. The modalities that Pattie offers is a variety they contain Hypnosis in her practice so you can not only see but feel the positive results. Pattie’s effective rate with her clients are usually 97% depending on the client and their commitment level.

Hypnotherapy is based on the interaction and Participation of the client. Allowing for them to relax and be able to let go and be in the present.