Pandemic Issues





Pandemic Anxiety and Fatigue is now on the rise more then ever. People have been Becoming angry,, frustrated and confused. Along with the stress and feeling lost. Changes are being made that we have no control over some feel out of control. We then over indulge in various behaviors and habits such as Food, Alcohol, Self medication, relationship issues, shopping and becoming more difficult to cope in today;s no so normal society.  Many think this is just a normal anxiety but really it is something a little more deeper then that. This includes OCD, PTSD, Grief and Depression which is such a powerful mindset of Doom and Gloom It effects everyone.

Pandemic fatigue is a symptom of overwhelmness, anger, over indulging, boredom, stress, anxiety, violence and more. People want to go back to normal and they seem its difficult  to handle where it doesn’t matter anymore. The mask, being social or even if they get COVID-19. It’s not that they don’t care it’s that they’re to the point where they feel overwhelmed and helpless. You’re mind goes into a different state of protection mode and what it does it uses the resources it’s comfortable with, if you never experienced anything like this it doesn’t know what to do and it becomes frustrated.

Hypnotherapy can help anyone realize that all you have to do is be able to handle and cope with the situation so differently. It doesn’t make you feel hopeless. When you are in a space where you feel symptoms sometimes your mind starts to feel sadness and your body starts feeling aches and pains. Get moving- start a new hobby, exercise and start planning. This is just your mind acting out with stress and not knowing what to do. With hypnotherapy Pattie can help you regain your control, positive attitude and lead your life more complete and being the person that you used to be. Sometimes the unknown is very scary but in the same respect it makes us more stronger and powerful. So give yourself the chance to move forward successfully and positively in your life.