What is Forensic Hypnosis Investigation

Forensic hypnosis is the use of hypnosis in the field of law enforcement. Forensic use of hypnosis is often used to help witnesses recall events and descriptions of suspects that normal memory recall cannot. Often even important things are forgotten, especially if they are traumatic or otherwise disturbing.

The use of forensic hypnosis occurs when retrieval of information from witnesses cannot be acquired through any other means. There is never leading questions asked during the interview and the sessions are always held in a professional manner for law enforcement and private means.

Forensic Hypnosis is a powerful investigative tool used as a hyper-focusing tool to enhance the recall or memory of victims and witnesses:
  • To help criminal investigators gather vital clues, facts or missing information that may have been overlooked using traditional methods.
  • To relax witnesses when stressed giving testimony or during court procedures.
  • To help clients find or recover lost time, events and even objects
  • To retrieve information if a witness or victim has buried their experiences in their subconscious due to trauma or fear.
  • To recover specific details of events such as sights, sounds or smells that may often be overlooked or forgotten as a result of being overwhelmed during the initial interviewing process:
  • Such minor details as remember a license plate number, a suspect’s tattoo, or another identifying characteristic can be the key to solving a crime and even in finding lost valuable objects.

In order to ensure that solid forensic hypnosis that facilitates the investigation of a crime is not devalued, it has become standard and vital operating procedure that all hypnosis sessions are recorded on video and audio and that the session is witnessed by independent observers. In addition, to further strengthen the case, the hypnosis must be done with protocols to assure that the legal aspect is met if needed for the future.   

Pattie is a Certified Forensic Hypnotist and has helped hundreds of her clients with problem solving issues pertaining to forensic cases.  She has been called upon for certain legal and assault cases and also helped find priceless art heirlooms valued priceless. By Recalling events, people or memories and finding missing objects, recall dates and even help with abusive cases that the  client is so shocked and protecting the memory with hypnotherapy it can bring out details and confirm the evidence.

Some Examples Where Forensic Hypnosis Might be Helpful:

Rape, Robbery, Child Abuse, Theft, Vandalism, Stalking, Murder, Assault, Corporate Espionage, Accident Reconstruction, Just about anything that requires the need to recall memory from the subconscious mind.
One thing that a forensic hypnotist can not do is never called to do is to help a suspect confess to a crime. Not only is this impossible, but any confession arrived at through hypnosis would never be admissible in court. The truth is you can lie under hypnosis because the mind allows you to see what you see in your eyes.