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Pattie Freeman helps her clients reach their goals and achieve and attract what they want in their lives. Pattie’s Coaching is for anyone needing assistance in their life as a professional Business coach or life coach she can help you move forward in your life, get you past the difficulties you are experiencing. She Coaches you to greater success in all area of you life, relationships, career, business, sports, confidence, Life threatening illness and of course life.

For more coaching information feel free to contact Pattie for further details of her coaching program for you which is customized to your needs.

Customized downloads available for you made exclusively for you. If you can not come to the office for a one on one or you live out of state or Internationally. Don’t give up the opportunity to have one of Pattie Freeman’s Customized sessions just contact Pattie for further details and fee.

1 Hour Personal Phone Session

You can also purchase a personal 1 hour phone session with Pattie. Take control of your life. Now you can have a live, one-on-one over the phone from the comfort and convenience of your own home.Customized Sessions for all and more and topics not mentioned feel free to ask and it can be done.

NEW!  Sports Enhancement  request your sports and contact with Pattie for what you need to start this process. It is a session remotely or on a download. downloads for YIPS or other issues can be purchased for all sports.

Sports Mental Training  – Pattie Freeman has published “The Edge” a book dedicated to her athletes on becoming more focused and consistent in their play time. On and off the field  To order the book go to Barnes and Noble, Amazon or contact Pattie Directly to get your signed copy

Excel Your Recovery of Sports Injuries  Customized for Injury and Injury Acceleration-made exclusively for you. If you can not come to the office for a one on one or you live out of state or Internationally. Don’t give up the opportunity to have one of Pattie Freeman’s Customized just contact Pattie for further details and fee.

NEW Bedtime Stories- Guided imagery into a special place to relax and set your mind at ease…By popular demand request a download to let go of stress and allow the mind just to relax.

NEW DATING/RELATIONSHIPS About dating and Relationships help yourself gain control- make decisions- stop the jealousy- gain trust and start to feel happy. Each individual is a Session.

NEW…Law of Attraction—ABUNDANCE Get this set ….set includes 2CDs of Information and personal instructions of the law of Attraction with daily affirmations and Goal Setting..Instructions in a 2 CD set. while supplies last get this one time offer for only…$89.99  Confidence  helps you with confidence and self esteem issues. If your not assertive and feel you need a motivational boost to gain your confidence this cd or MP3 is for you. It’s great to see the confidence level raise and doubt disappear.

Beat Stress  for managing your stress and anxiety. This download is powerful enough to handle people who have experienced chronic stress and need to get relief.

Banish Insomnia
Sleep can be difficult for many people. With this program you will learn to control your sleep patterns and put an end to sleepless nights!

Memory and Concentration Improvement
With this program you will improve your concentration and memory easily. Never forget a name, face or appointment again.
Audio CD Program –

Pain Control
Pain signals us that something is wrong, however if this signal remains constant it can disrupt lives and even cause depression. This program will help to control or eliminate the pain that is interfering with you living a normal life by listening to this program.

NEW! Poker Face-  Learn to manage your competition without showing the your poker face. Get focused, concentrated and let them fold and you come out a winner with Poker Face Hypnosis.

Addiction-Gambling – If you want to get rid of the craziness of addiction to gambling. This can be your solution. This allows you and your mind to see what you need to do in order to let go of your gambling addiction. Order it Now..and see the changes NOW.

 Free Consultation 

If you don’t see something on this list feel free to contact me for more personalized sessions.

the list is endless so just ASK Pattie!