Is EMDR the same as hypnotherapy….

What are the differences/similarities?

What the information listed here describes what  EMDR actually is and how it works with Hypnotherapy. Hypnosis and EMDR,. First, one of the major uses of hypnosis among clinical practitioners is to deliberately begin by inducing in the patient an altered state of mental relaxation. In contrast, when beginning EMDR mental relaxation is not typically attempted. In fact, deliberate attempts are often actually made to connect with an anxious (i.e. an emotionally disturbing as opposed to relaxed) mental state.

Second, most  often when use of  hypnosis is to help a patient develop a single, highly focused state of aroused receptivity In contrast, with EMDR attempts are made to maintain a duality of focus on both positive and negative currently held self-referencing beliefs, as well as the emotional arousal brought about by imaging the worst part of a disturbing memory.

In contrast, in EMDR attempts are made towards repeatedly grounding the patient by referencing current feelings and body sensations to prevent the patient from drifting away from reality. Specific encouragement/inducement is made towards rejecting previously irrational/self-blaming beliefs in favor of a newly, reframed positive belief with an increase in subjective conviction about that belief.

EMDR-Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a unique and powerful therapy for helping people deal with stress, trauma, painful memories and places in their lives where they are stuck. EMDR specifically targets traumas that have been “locked” in the brain, but can also be used for events that are not considered trauma in the traditional sense, such as ongoing teasing while in school, chronic childhood illness, etc.

Working together with Hypnotherapy and EMDR the brain reacts to completing the  process of thought and memory imprints so the past trauma, recalls and disbelief fades awat as reality steps in. Both methods work but, everyone is different iin accepting what their mind will allow them to accept and move on.

Sessions can be integrated with both modalities …Just ask Pattie for more information and set up a consultation to discuss what works for you.