BAUD-Sound Therapy



BAUD (Bio Acoustical Utilization Device) 

I am  thrilled to add BAUD sound-based therapy to the myriad of tools I could use to help you SHiFT your life into focus.

BAUD (Bio Acoustical Utilization Device) is a form of personalized neurofeedback, incorporating soundwaves to access and alleviate many forms of neurological stress.

BAUD. originally to help with Stress, ADHD and ADD.   Since it’s inception, the machine has aided in treating addiction, anxiety, fear, and depression.   One of the most exciting breakthroughs is  with Reset Therapy a modality used successfully Eliminating PTSD.Most clients are able to completely eliminate the emotional response in less than 6 sessions.

The machine tunes into 2 different sound frequencies, once accessing the issue and the other disrupting it.  Your brain and your neural pathways are like muscles, the more you use them – or have certain specific thoughts or reactions – the stronger those pathways become. BAUD accesses and then DISRUPTS these pathways and responses.   That is the key to BAUD, disrupting the reaction.   This disruption will promote neuroplasticity, allowing for the release of the emotion and resetting of the brain’s automatic responses.

The reasons I love BAUD:

  • BAUD is FDA cleared and completely safe. There are no drugs, no needles, just sound.  BAUD has been used over half a million times with no serious side effects.

  • BAUD cuts down tremendously on the time you need on the table for Brain Integration.

  • BAUD doesn’t require a lot of talking.   You don’t have to tell your story for the BAUD soundwaves to access and disrupt the issue.

  • BAUD works on your subconscious mind, accessing and disrupting the emotional triggers that lead to fear, anxiety, addiction and a whole host of neurological stress.

  • BAUD is quick – each session lasts 15-20 minutes and most clients need 6 or fewer sessions.