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Pattie Freeman  BCHT, CI, MST


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kThinking Determines What You want - Action Determines What you Geting DDS


 Motivational Keynote Speaker Author, Certified Instructor, Hypnotherapist and Mental Sports Consultant.  

Pattie customizes the presentations to give the audience a little bit of entertainment and alot of motivation from the use of her expertise and skills.

Promoting confidence and the meaning of excellence in many of the corporate programs. Learn how to get out of the negative thinking and start getting motivated.  The goal is to make you laugh, to entertain, motivate, encourage, and deliver to you a unforgettable experience. Boost your sales goals, gain team trust and be able to have a competitive edge in the corporate field.

If you are looking for a speaker for your team. "The Edge" is the book that has been used with numerous teams, it is all about getting the edge and holding on to it.  As a team, they can feel the impact of learning the do's and don'ts of mentally preparing themselves to make that choice to Win/Lose. Whether it is a team or a whole school audience. This program can make a difference in what you want from your employees "Excellence" and "Success". 

Presentations at Schools, Corporate or Organizations are about more then success it is about gaining confidence in order to achieve their goals as one or as a team.

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