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High Profile Clients 

Celebrities- Let's face the facts they are famous whether you are a director, producer, stars, Politicians, Corporate moguls or a professional athlete each one of these are still a person needing focus and enhancement in their lifestyle. By being in the lime-light they become stressed and even turn to other bad habits which sometimes needs to be addressed.

Pattie Freeman is a certified Hypnotherapist that helps High Profile Individuals to become less stressed and help them with different situations in their lifestyles from addictions- weight loss- smoking-pain-sports-

The fact is these people are popular and they are in need of privacy. I totally realize that your secrecy and prudence is of utmost importance. I provide all my clients with confidentiality.

Due to the popularity of the clients a meeting at the office or in your home can be arranged so that secrecy can be kept. It is my mission not to leak the secrets and personal affairs of my clients. I guarantee you that your session or anything that was revealed during the session will never become public. I assure you that Pattie Freeman CHT is a Professional Hypnotherapist dealing with High Profile Clients on a regular basis. Pattie's reputation is well known with the circles she moves in and has excellent and amazing results which shows her expertise in the field of Hypnosis.

Pattie Freeman has been the Beverly Hills hypnotist and continues to serve the California and Arizona area for the past 12 years.

Confidentiality for high profile clients ensures that you can trust that the secrecy will be maintained at all times.

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310-927-2122 Beverly Hills Location