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Video Game Addiction

Video Game Addiction is so popular that it effects all ages. It is Real- It can start and you would never even be aware of your destination regarding the addiction and adrenal rush you get from playing them. Whether its violence or fun there is no difference they are all the same. 

Video games are now different then when they were first produce. They are becoming increasingly complex, detailed, and compelling to a growing audience of players. Graphicsrealistic characters, and greater strategic challenges, Some teens would rather play the  video game than focus on their school work, hang out with friends, play sports, or even watch television. 

Do you or someone you know spend too much time playing video or computer games or going online?

Here is the TOP suggestions that can help you help them...

  • You feel happy when you're playing games, When you stop you get angry or upset. 
  • You start to have anger issues when being bother as you play. 
  • Your mind in focused on playing the game more then School work, Family time , food or sports.  
  • You spend more time with your controller than physically hanging out with your friends/family. 
  • Your friends wonder what you are doing, and you lie about it or laugh it off denying the issue at hand.  
  • You get up in the middle of the night to go online and play the game. Losing sleep and can't get up in the morning since you are too tired to function. 
  • You feel like the reality you have in front of you is better then your own. 
  • You hibernate in your room not wanting to socialize with others. 
  • You tend to feel dazed and have a memory loss 

Now if this sounds like you, It might be a problem needing the attention you push away. Did you know that 10% of the people no matter what age that play games online- are addicted.

Tell someone and let them know so you are not alone. 

Hypnosis can help your mind relax and realize that what you are doing is just a escape from reality and leads you into a bigger more unrealistic view that can lead to a addiction. Wanting help I can show you how you can put down the controller get back your life and move forward never looking back and finally feeling free.

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