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   Dental Surgery - Operations

Dental or regular surgery can be scary, stressful and full of Anxiety. Using the hypnosis techniques to calm and relax your mind and body can give your experience in the doctor or dentist chair a pleasant one.

Hypnosis is used for treating the phobia and anxiety of visits to the office.  Some of the dentistry applications of hypnosis is used for the control of a strong gag reflex, the fear of dentist, treating chronic facial pain, modification of unwanted habits such as teeth grinding. The after effects of pain from dental surgeries and even the initial visit to the office.

I would like to share this story with you.  One of my new clients came in to my office asking for some help with the fear of going to the dentist. She was getting a root canal done and was scared of the drill. She had heard that I had helped  another client of theirs and needed to see if hypnosis would help her too. I had met with her for a consultation and learned that the visit wasn't the issue it was the pressure of the dentist's hands and the sound of the drill that made her want to gag. She decided to do a session and when she went to see him a few days later she was calmed and relaxed. No fear and feeling better about the whole idea of going to the dentist.

I have a program that is geared for clients with phobias towards the medical field. Whether there is a fear or phobia, memory of past experiences Hypnosis can assist you in gaining confidence and feeling positive in and out of the dental and doctor's office.

If you are wondering what you can do to feel calm and relax during your visit. Come in for a free consultation to get the details of feeling relief and confident.